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Why Do Takeaway Brothers Prefer Electric Scooters?
Aug 04, 2018

The demand for take-out is quick and punctual, and the little buddy earns only a hard money, so in terms of transportation choices, low cost and high efficiency naturally become the most concerned point for the take-away brothers.

As a result, motorcycles and electric vehicles have naturally become the best choice for takeaway brothers. The purchase cost of scooters with a displacement of less than 150 cc is usually less than 10,000 yuan, and the purchase cost of long-life electric vehicles generally does not exceed 8,000 yuan. The fuel economy of motorcycles is well known, and the cost of charging electric vehicles is almost negligible.

 As for bicycles for take-away, unless the distance is very close or emergency use, there is usually no brother who will try this time-consuming and labor-saving means.

Due to the traffic congestion in the city, in order to minimize the time delay caused by traffic jams, the flexible and light features of electric vehicles and motorcycles are fully utilized and can easily cross the streets.

In addition, the take-away brother needs to carry a limited number of take-outs each time, the carrying capacity of the electric car or motorcycle can be fully satisfied, up to two take-out boxes, fixed on the bracket behind the car.


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