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The Cause Of The Failure Of The Electric Bicycle Controller
May 10, 2018

There are many obscure electric bikes, but the important ones are the electric bike controllers. Do not look at the controller is inconspicuous, but your electric bicycle start, advance and retreat, stop can rely on it. What are the reasons that can cause the failure of electric vehicle controllers?

1, power device damage;

The damage of power devices generally has the following possibilities: caused by motor damage; caused by poor quality or insufficient selection of power devices; device installation or loose vibration; motor overload; power device drive circuit damage or parameters Unreasonable design.

2, controller internal power supply damage;

Damage to the internal power supply of the controller generally has the following possibilities: the internal circuit of the controller is short-circuited; the peripheral control unit is short-circuited; and the external lead is short-circuited.

3, when the controller works intermittently;

When the controller is working intermittently, there are generally the following possibilities: The device itself drifts in high temperature or low temperature environment; the controller's overall design consumes too much power and causes the local temperature of some devices to be too high and the device itself enters the protection state; Poor contact.

4. Loss of control signal due to wear of the connector and poor or missing connectors.

Cable wear and contact plugs are poor or fall off. Generally, there are the following possibilities: improper selection of wires; incomplete protection of wires; poor crimping of connectors.