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How To Repair The Electric Scooter Charger Fuse Tube Blown
May 17, 2018

Under normal circumstances, the fuse blows to indicate that there is a short-circuit or over-current fault in the charger's internal circuit. This is due to the high failure rate of the internal device caused by the charger operating under high voltage and current for a long time. In addition, the voltage fluctuations and surges of the grid voltage will cause the instantaneous increase of the current in the charger and cause the fuse to blow.

Maintenance method: First look carefully at the various components above the circuit board to see if the appearance of these components is burned or there is electrolyte overflow, smell - smell different. Measure the resistance value of the input end of the power supply. If it is less than 20OkΩ, it means that there is a partial short circuit at the back end. Then measure the positive and negative resistance values of the four rectifier diodes and the resistance of the two current limiting resistors to see if there is any short circuit or burnout. Finally, the power supply filter capacitor can be measured whether the normal charge and discharge, switching power transistor breakdown damage, UC3842 and surrounding components are broken down, burned and so on. It should be noted that because it is measured on the road, it may cause errors in the measurement results or cause misjudgment. Therefore, the components may be soldered and measured when necessary. If this is still not the case, measure whether the input power line and output power line are internally short-circuited. In general, in the fuse blowout fault, the rectifier diode, the power filter capacitor, the switching power tube, and the UC3842 are consumable parts. The probability of damage can reach 95% or more. It is very easy to troubleshoot the failure to check these components.