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How To Repair Electric Scooter Charger When The Fuse Is In Good Condition
May 31, 2018

This phenomenon indicates that the charger is not working or has entered the protection state after work.

Maintenance method: First of all, it should be judged whether the charger's variable-control chip UC3842 is working or has been damaged. The specific judgment method is: After power-on, measure the voltage of pin 7 of UC3842 to ground. If the voltage of pin 7 is normal and the voltage of pin 8 has voltage of +5, the feet 1, 2, 4, and 6 will have different voltages, indicating that the circuit has been started. Vibration, UC3842 is basically normal. If the voltage of pin 7 is low and there is no voltage on the remaining pins, the UC3842 is damaged. The most common damage is the breakdown of the 7 feet to the ground, the breakdown of the 6th and 7th feet and the breakdown of the 1st and 7th feet. If these feet are not broken, and the charger still does not start normally, it also shows that UC3842 is damaged and should be replaced directly. If it is judged that the chip is not bad, it is checked whether the current limiting resistance of the gate of the switch is open-welded, inadvertently welded or changed, and whether the switching power transistor itself is in poor performance. In addition to this, disconnection or poor contact of the power supply output line can also cause this type of failure, so care should be taken when servicing.