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How To Identify The Quality Of Electric Scooter Controllers
May 12, 2018

1, observe the work carefully

The workmanship of a controller embodies the strength of a company. Under the same conditions, the workshop controller is certainly not as good as the products of large companies; the hand-welded products certainly are not as good as the wave-welded products; the controllers with exquisite appearance are better than the products that do not pay attention to the appearance; The thick controller is better than the controller of the wire cutting and cutting; the controller of the radiator is better than the light controller of the radiator, etc. The relative credibility of the company that has been pursued in the use of materials and craftsmanship is high and the contrast can be seen. .

2. Comparison of temperature rise

Use the newly sent controller and the original controller to perform the blocking and transfer heat test under the same conditions. Both controllers remove the radiator, use one vehicle, hold up the foot, and turn the turn to reach the maximum speed immediately. Braking, do not brake, lest the controller enter locked rotor protection, maintain 5 seconds at very low speed, release the brake, quickly reach the maximum speed, then brake, repeat the same operation, such as 30 times, to detect the maximum temperature of the radiator point.

Compare the data from the two controllers. The lower the temperature, the better. Test conditions should ensure that the same current limit, the same battery capacity, the same car, starting from the cold car test, to maintain the same braking force and time. At the end of the test, the degree of looseness of the screws fixing the mos should be checked. The more the loosen marks the worse the temperature resistance of the insulating plastic particles used. In the long-term use, this will cause the mos to be damaged due to heat in advance. Then install the heat sink, repeat the above test, compare the temperature of the heat sink, which can examine the thermal design of the controller.

3, observe the back pressure control ability

Select a car, the power can be a little larger, pull out the battery, use the charger to power the electric car, connect the e-abs enable terminal, and ensure that the brake switch contacts well. Slowly turning the handle, too fast the charger can not output a large current, will cause undervoltage, so that the motor reaches the maximum speed, fast braking, repeated many times, there should be no damage to the mos.

When the brakes are applied, the voltage at the output of the charger will rise rapidly, testing the controller's instantaneous pressure limiting capability. This test has basically no effect if tested with a battery. This test can also be carried out on a fast downhill slope and brakes when the car reaches maximum speed.

4, current control capability

Connect the full battery, the bigger the capacity the better, let the motor reach the highest speed, optional two motor output line short circuit, repeated, more than 30 times, no mos damage; let the motor reach the highest speed, with battery positive and An optional motor wire is short circuited and repeated 30 times, which is more severe than the above test. There is one less internal resistance of the mos in the loop, and the instantaneous short-circuit current is greater, which tests the current control ability of the controller.

Many controllers will be ugly in this area. If there is damage, you can compare the number of successful failures of the two controllers. The smaller the number, the worse; the unplugging of a motor cable, pull the maximum, then the motor will not run , Quickly connect another motor wire, the motor should be able to turn immediately, one motor wire should be plugged and unplugged during motor rotation, and the controller should work normally. This part of the experiment can verify the reliability design of the controller software and hardware.

5, check the controller efficiency

Turn off the overspeed function, and if so, test the maximum speed reached by different controllers under the condition of no load of the same vehicle. The higher the highest speed is, the higher the efficiency is and the cruising range is relatively high.