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Electric Scooter Plastic Paint
Jun 06, 2018

The plastic parts of electric scooters are mainly referred to as shells. Usually, the plastic parts are replaced with the same models. In the process of operation, the colors are mainly different, and the plastic parts of electric vehicles are undergoing manufacturing. It mainly uses its ABS engineering plastics, and it is processed through spray painting and other processes.

The original color of the electric scooter plastic parts is nearly yellow, and in the course of production, some manufacturers will effectively use their PP plastics in order to reduce their cost, and to a certain extent there will be, for example, black materials that may be used. Made of recycled plastic, so it should be selected at the time of purchase (milk yellow, milky white) as well.

When electric vehicles are being purchased, the first one to be determined is a certain brand of car. First of all, it is necessary to watch the appearance of the car. The main ones are to look at the plastic parts of electric vehicles, primers, topcoats and varnish. When used, it will effectively affect the final results of different brands of paint. Of course, when we choose a car, we have no way to know the specific paint brand of the vehicle, but we can judge the quality of the paint according to the effect of the paint.

In the electric vehicle plastic parts, under normal circumstances, its good paint surface will look very clear light and deep natural color, to a certain extent, there should not be uneven color and color or a large area of pitting or bumps Piece. The applique process is smooth and the paint is evenly covered.

Under the sunlight, the plastic parts of electric vehicles are bright and colorful. In the process of operation, the paint is thick and quality, and the most important point is to consider the anti-ultraviolet ability of the paint, many models of car paint There is no added anti-ultraviolet agent, the car will gradually fade after long-term exposure to the sun, especially white paint, more prone to fading or discoloration problems. Because such problems cannot be immediately determined, it is possible to observe whether there are fading problems in the car dealers' car and make a basic assessment. The quality of the car frame directly determines the safety performance of the car.