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Electric Scooter Pedal Daily Cleaning And Maintenance
Mar 16, 2018

1. In rainy days, specially in the lower part of the electric scooter, there is a lot of dust and dirt. We must use the cloth to soften the massive dirt and dust slowly, then remove the mud and dust. Be careful! Do not damage to the components of the EEC approval electric scooter. Do not use a sharp to poke and scrape the dust of the e-scooter. Remember to use the cloth to scrub dirty stuff slowly.

2. EEC approval electric scooter should be sent to the Maintenance Department regularly to check its functions. You’d better not go in rainy days. Because in the rain, mud and sand is very easy to access to our electric vehicles. If we driving our electric vehicle in the rain after putting oil in the wheel, the sand is easy to enter our scooters. In this case, we will damage the bearings of the e-scooter easily.

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