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Electric Scooter Charger Without DC Voltage Output Or Voltage Output Instability Repair Method
Jun 04, 2018

If the fuse is intact, it is under load and in an inert condition. The reasons for such failures are: overvoltage, overcurrent protection circuit appears open circuit, short circuit phenomenon; vibrator circuit does not work; power supply load is too heavy, rectifier diode in high-frequency rectifier filter circuit is broken down: filter capacitor leakage and so on.

Maintenance method: First, use a multimeter to measure the damage of each component of the high-frequency pulse transformer: After eliminating high-frequency rectifier diode breakdown and load short-circuit conditions, measure the DC voltage of each output terminal. If the output is still zero at this time , you can be sure that the power supply control circuit has failed. Finally use a multimeter to statically measure the rectifier diode and low-voltage filter capacitor in the high-frequency filter circuit. If the above components are damaged, replace the new components. . However, it should be noted that disconnection of the output lines or open or false welds can also cause such failures. Attention should be paid to this situation during maintenance.