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Electric Scooter Charger Performance Judgment
May 28, 2018

Such as 48V charger, the maximum voltage is not greater than 59.6V, greater than this voltage, charging may not turn on the light, low voltage is not less than 55V, below this voltage caused by insufficient charge, long time easy to battery loss, current, such as 48V20A charge The maximum current is less than 3A. More than 3A may cause the battery to lose water earlier, the minimum is not less than 2.1A. Low voltage This current caused undercharge.


The 1:48V new battery requires charger parameters, the highest voltage is 58.5-59.7, not less than 58V, less than 58V causes insufficient charging, and higher than 59.7V may cause the charging not to turn on the lamp. Turn light current is about 0.4---0.7A, actual voltage is about 55.5V, less than 50V causes insufficient charge, long time charge battery loss

2:4820 battery requires charging the maximum current of 2.4 ---- 3.3A, less than 2.2A charging, charging effect is poor,

3: The actual power of the charger below 30 yuan in the market is small, the parameter design is not accurate, please pay attention to distinguish

4: The charger voltage stabilizing circuit will cause the output voltage to be 75---130V, and the rechargeable battery will not turn on.

5: When the new battery appears, cruising range 20A battery is less than 30 kilometers 12A battery is less than 25 kilometers please check the charger parameters, if you can not determine yes, please replace the high-quality charger to use again, you can solve the problem

6: When the new battery encounters no light, please replace another high-quality charger tester.

7: Under normal circumstances. 4820 new battery charging time is about 10 hours, cruising range 40 --- 60 kilometers, 4812 new battery charging time is about 10 hours, the mileage reaches 25 --- 40 kilometers, if the normal charging time exceeds above, please replace the premium charger Use again, feedback

8: There are a lot of charger internal circuits, input and output connections aging, causing, sometimes able to charge, and sometimes not flush. Seriously affect the battery, or the circuit failure during charging, resulting in bulging bag, if this happens, please replace the high-quality electrical appliances and use it again.