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Electric Bike Scooter Moped
Jan 24, 2018

In the Rotary transformation control of the driving motor, the DC motor relies on the contactor to change the current direction of the armature or the magnetic field, and realizes the rotary transformation of the motor, which makes the Konziha circuit complex and reliability reduced. When the AC asynchronous motor is driven, the change of the motor steering can be simplified by changing the phase sequence of the three-phase current of the magnetic field.The motor is fitted with a heat sink, which is more beautiful than before, while the motor stability and service life are improved; most electric scooters use lithium battery folding, high 1.2M, wide 14cm, long 1M folding 25cm*14cm*1m, 30 kilometers, weighing 29 kg, can easily on the bus, subway, EMU waiting.