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Beijing Plans To Require Electric Bicycles To Be On The Road
Jun 08, 2018

The recently held Fourth Session of the Standing Committee of the 15th National People's Congress of Beijing Municipality reviewed the "Beijing Non-motor Vehicle Management Regulations (Draft Second Review Draft)" and the deliberations proposed that this Municipality implements product sales for electric bicycles that meet national standards. Directory system. Electric bicycles that are not included in the catalogue must not be sold or registered on the market. Electric bicycles shall be registered with the traffic management department of the district-level public security organ and must obtain the city’s electric bicycle driving license and number plates before they can drive on the city’s roads. This city sets a three-year transitional period for electric bikes that are not in compliance with national standards and are purchased before the implementation of this Regulation. After the transition period expires, you must not drive on the road.

The review draft also stipulated that driving electric bicycles should be carried in non-motorized lanes, and the maximum speed should not exceed 15 kilometers. The traffic management department of the public security organ shall set the speed limit sign of the electric bicycle in the non-motor vehicle lane according to the road traffic conditions. It is forbidden to evacuate the stairwells, corridors, etc. in residential buildings, and the electric outlets and electric vehicles are charged in certain areas that affect passage through the safety exits.