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Winter Maintenance Aluminum Alloy City E-Bike Essentials
Jan 28, 2019

1, the battery life is not the less the better

Many people may feel that they usually ride less on electric vehicles, and even do not ride them for a long time, thinking that the time spent on such electric vehicle batteries will last longer. In fact, the battery can only maintain the upper limit of the battery capacity if it is in a shallow cycle. If it is not used for a long time, it may cause the battery plate to crystallize, the battery capacity to drop, or even the battery failure. Therefore, it is best not to let the battery idle time exceed One month, otherwise the battery life is greatly unfavorable.

2, long time overload

3. Because of its flexible and convenient properties, electric vehicles have become the delivery tools of many merchants. It is common to load goods with a few people at one time, but excessively heavy electric vehicle materials will lead to an increase in motor current. The battery discharges too fast and the voltage drops rapidly, which also causes damage to the battery and affects battery life.

3. Charge with a mismatched charger

Many times, when we ride an electric car, we will not carry the charger of the electric car with us. When you need to charge, you may pick up a usable charger and charge the electric car, whether it is original or not. .

But in fact, the parameters of different batteries and different chargers are completely inconsistent. If you often use unmatched chargers, it will affect the battery life.

4. In winter, the battery is frequently replaced due to short battery life.

The best driving temperature for electric vehicles is 25°, which is why many people think that summer electric cars run far.

However, the temperature in winter is so bad that the capacity of the battery will drop significantly. Many car owners will think that the battery is out of order, and then choose to replace the battery. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. After the temperature rises, this part of the lost battery capacity is still Will recover, do not have to replace the new battery, after all, even if you change the new battery, it may cause the battery life to drop due to temperature effects.

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