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Wide use and overcurrent protection for two-wheeled electric pedal patrol car
Sep 27, 2018

The two-wheeled electric pedal patrol car needs to look at several seats during the riding process. Then it depends on what configuration. Under normal circumstances, the number of seats is different. The price of the configuration will be different. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to choose a brand electric vehicle. Quality after-sales will be guaranteed. Our company is a professional manufacturer of large electric vehicles (electric patrol cars, electric patrol cars) integrating R&D, production and manufacturing.

The two-wheeled electric pedal patrol car has a wide range of uses, many potential customers, strong research and development capabilities, and a number of patents and proprietary technologies. Benefits Advantages The threshold for joining is low, the manufacturers let Lido, the funds are returned quickly, and the dealers support them. Service Advantages Reasonable price, reliable quality, timely delivery, considerate service, strong support for dealers, and a nationwide service network.

The two-wheel electric pedal patrol car uses a large-capacity deep-cycle battery, a high-efficiency motor, and a super-powered full-disk motor. The power is durable and strong, and the climbing and load capacity are strong. With stepless speed regulation, brake power off, under voltage protection, over current protection and other functions. Mini-car professional frame, high-strength steel structure parts, the whole car adopts large pedals, front and rear suspension, with reinforced large shelves, the structure is tough, solid and stable.

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