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Which is more suitable for replacing walking, electric scooters or self-balancing scooter? B
Jun 18, 2018

Product principle and price comparison:

The electric scooter is based on the design idea of the traditional scooter. It is upgraded on the basis of the human scooter. In the scooter, the battery, motor, light, dashboard, computer chip and other components are added to the scooter. At the same time, the wheels, brakes, frame and other systems are upgraded to produce electric scooter. More often appear in the daily life of the journey, especially by office workers welcome. At present, the price of the electric scooter varies from one thousand yuan to 10000 yuan, and it is very popular among the young people in the developed countries of Europe and America and in the big cities in China.

Self balancing scooter, also called the electric balance scooter, the body sense scooter, the thinking scooter, and so on, has two types of single wheel and double wheel. The self balancing scooter is a new kind of traffic tool that has appeared in recent years. It uses the battery plus motor drive, the computer chip and the sensor to assist the control. It can use the scooter's gyroscope and the acceleration reading sensor. Real-time monitoring of body posture changes, and make adjustments to achieve "dynamic" stability, is a modern people used as a substitute tool, leisure and entertainment of a new green environmental products, in addition to the daily replacement, in some exhibitions also often play its role. At present, the price usually ranges from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan.


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