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What style can we choose for electric bike?
Feb 27, 2018

1. Standard type: the power of the motor of this kind of electric bike is generally 250W, which is characterized by  concise and fluent. It’s easy to operate, range aound 30~50km, which is  suitable for users to commute.


2. Multi-functional type: such electric scooter usually increases the front shock absorber, saddle shock absorber, headlamp and electric horn on the basis of standard type. With its multi-functions, it’s convenient to ride comfortably, especially at night.


3. Luxury: the characteristics of these electric bikes is relatively new luxury model in appearance. The functions is more fully. Normally, in the handlebar, a dashboard will be added to show the speed, mileage, voltage, power and so on, and some are equipped with cornering lights, language tips, rearview mirror, toolbox, safety net and so on.



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