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What kind of riding experience will the Sitting down electric scooter bring?
Jun 30, 2018

In many people's minds, scooters exist as toys for young people or even children, but today's electric scooters can bring a unique experience. The Sitting down electric scooter adopts a minimal geometric design, the main frame is aluminum alloy, and most of the wires are also inside the tube. It looks durable.


The Sitting down electric scooters are equipped with suitable front and rear pneumatic tires, wear-resistant anti-slip treads, and integrated die-cast molding to effectively protect the internal brushless DC motor. In fact, the height of the stand-fitted handlebars is wider than that of the sitting ones. The Sitting down electric scooter s can meet the height of 120-200cm.


It is worth mentioning that the Sitting down electric scooters also use the front and rear double brake design. When the accelerator is released or the brake handle is pressed, the front wheel realizes energy recovery and reverse motor braking effect, and is supplemented by E-ABS. Anti-lock brake system, rear wheel adopts mechanical disc brake structure, better braking performance.


Similar to many electric vehicles, the seatable electric scooters are designed with the throttle on the right-hand side, given an initial speed, and can be accelerated by turning the knob downwards; the unique folding buckle design enables fast and quick folding. For the sake of waterproofness and safety, the allowable wading depth of seated electric scooters is no more than 2cm, and they should not try to ride on rainy days.

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