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What is the practicality of the standing scooter
Jul 04, 2018

In the city travel, in addition to the huge transportation of cars and electric cars, bicycles, etc., there is also a flexible, lightweight, environmentally friendly standing scooter, which is the best choice for young people to travel short distances. We can further verify the advantages of stand-up scooters in terms of safety, passability and convenience.


In general, the larger the wheel size of the car, the larger the contact surface of the tire, the lower the slip angle of the car when cornering, the higher the pointing accuracy of the vehicle, the faster the response, and the driving from the road surface to the driving. The richer the message, the more direct the sense of control and the better the passability. Therefore, the stand-up skateboard wheel hubs are designed with different specifications to meet different travel needs.


Since it is said that the adoption of sex then mentions the interest, the positioning of the standing scooter is actually closer to the practical means of transportation, and fun is not the starting point for the design of such products. However, it is still very different from ordinary electric vehicles, and it will bring different experiences to users.


In fact, for standing scooters, safety should be the most important. If the consumer buys a standing scooter produced by a regular manufacturer, there will be no driving accidents caused by quality problems. In addition, the braking of the standing scooter is achieved manually. Relatively speaking, the safety of the electric scooter is higher.

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