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What do you need to prepare before the pedal assisted electric bicycle ride?
Apr 15, 2018

1. First, adjust the height of saddle and handle to make it in the safest and most comfortable position, especially saddle height. Make sure the two feet can touch the ground at the same time when you are riding.

2. Whether the test brake device is effective and reliable, and whether the power supply is cut off after braking and whether the motor has stopped working.

3. Check electricity: when the power is turned on, see the quantity of electricity on the display, especially when it is used for a long time. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the electric horn, lighting and other safety components are effective!

4. Check the rotating parts: front and back wheels and pedals, crank, sprocket, chain, flywheel operation is normal, there is no foreign objects rubbing.

5. Check whether the tire pressure is suitable.


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