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What are the main features of a standing self-balanced scooter?
Apr 13, 2018

At present, we often see that many small partners choose standing self-balanced scooters as daily traffic vehicles. Compared with other means of transportation, standing self-balanced scooters are more flexible and convenient to use, and are more economical and environmental friendly.

As a matter of fact, standing self-balanced scooter is a good indicator of green performance in design. The main means of transportation is battery powered, completely pollution-free, absolutely green, and can be repeatedly charged. Moreover, the motor has high running efficiency and high noise and low efficiency. Therefore, it not only reduces noise pollution, but also saves energy.

Secondly, during the course of driving, the turning radius of the standing self-balance scooter is very small, so it can be used in a very limited space. In addition, the balance car has no brake system, the gyroscope detects angular velocity signal, accelerometer detection angle signal, and then gets the accurate angle signal of two wheeled electric balance vehicle, and finally transfers to the single chip microcomputer, so that the PWM module of the single chip microcomputer controls the positive and reversal of the motor of the two wheeled electric balance car. The advantage of this design is that it can not only reduce energy waste, but also avoid the wear and tear of brake block, and it is safer to use.

Third, for users, this kind of standing self-balance scooter is very convenient to control. That's because we can change the forward and astern of the balance vehicle and the speed of operation by using the front and rear inclining of the body. In design, it is similar to the balance system of the body itself. When the center of gravity of the body leans forward, in order to ensure the balance, we need to move forward.

For example, when steering is needed, we can point the direction lever to the direction that needs forward, so that the body of the standing balance scooter will move in the direction. In fact, the standing balance scooter adopts the advanced steering design to subvert the traditional way of control, which is more suitable for human's operation habits.

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