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What are the main components of an electric bike
Apr 08, 2018

A charger is a device to supplement the power of the battery, which is usually divided into two-stage charging mode and three-stage mode.

The battery is the energy source for the electric vehicle. The electric vehicle is mainly composed of lead-acid battery. In addition, NiMH and Li - ion batteries have also been used on some portable folding electric vehicles.

The controller is the component that controls the speed of the motor, and it is also the core of the electric system of the electric vehicle.

Steering wheel is the signal input unit controller. The transfer signal is the driving signal of the motor rotation of the electric vehicle. 

The force sensor is the device that when the electric vehicle is in the power state, it detects the bike pedal force back to the pedal speed signal. 

The most important part of the electric bike is the motor, and the motor of an electric bike basically determines the performance and grade of the car.

The lamp and instrument part are components that provide lighting and display the state of the electric vehicle. The instrument generally provides battery voltage display, vehicle speed display, riding state display, luminaire state display and so on. 

Most electric bikes are driven by a wheel hub motor directly driven by the front or rear wheels.


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