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What are the classifications of silicon steel sheets?
May 21, 2018

There are roughly two types of silicon steel sheets on the market:

1. According to the production and processing technology, it can be divided into two kinds: hot rolling and cold rolling. Cold rolling can be divided into two kinds of grains without orientation and grain orientation. The thickness of the cold-rolled sheet is uniform, the surface quality is good, and the magnetism is high. Therefore, with the development of industry, the hot-rolled sheet has a tendency to be replaced by a cold-rolled sheet (China has explicitly requested to stop using the hot-rolled silicon steel sheet, that is, the previous "On behalf of cold heat").

2. Silicon steel sheets can be classified into low silicon and high silicon depending on their silicon content. Low-silicon wafer containing 2.8% or less of silicon, it has a certain mechanical strength, mainly used for the manufacture of motor, commonly known as motor silicon steel sheet; high silicon silicon content of 2.8% -4.8%, it has good magnetic, but more brittle, mainly used In the manufacture of transformer core, commonly known as transformer silicon steel sheet. There is no strict boundary between the two in actual use, and high-silicon wafers are often used to make large motors.

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