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What are the characteristics of a stand up scooter?
Mar 06, 2018

As a common means of transport, stand up scooters can be seen everywhere.


The convenience of stand up scooter is that it can be easy to move on crowded road, and it is light and easy to carry on the whole. It is very small and light in appearance, and many of them have folding functions, which are very suitable for the users to carry on the bus or subway.


In order to further improve the convenience of stand up scooters, some manufacturers specially configured 250W wheel BLDC motor, so its running speed can reach 24 km/h. With the continuous updating and improvement of battery technology, its endurance has been gradually improved.


Stand up scooters can help us to walk freely in cities, villages and other areas, which achieves different needs of users, helping them save time in a short distance. The tool uses the frame geometry, advanced structural design and high quality materials to ensure the stability of the whole vehicle.


From the actual experience, this stand up scooter, as a daily close - distance travel tool, can fully meet the requirements of many users. In terms of structure, its engine usually adopts direct drive motor integrated into the rear edge instead of using gear belt, connection or any additional device that may burst.


In addition, stand up scooter is also very safe. With the continuous improvement of production technology, the detail part of the stand up scooter is more and more reliable, and can be used as a tool for a short trip.

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