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Voltage stability and no overloading requirement of manned electric tricycle
Apr 02, 2018

A manned electric tricycle should be effectively checked whether the battery box is locked before riding and  whether the panel lights are normal. When the manned electric tricycle is running on the pavement in the rainy day, the depth of the water accumulation does not exceed the center of the electric wheel. If so, it may cause a fault.

A manned electric tricycle should effectively avoid places where air humid or high temperature and corrosive gases are placed, so that the chemical corrosion of the electroplated paint surface of the metal parts can be avoided to a certain extent.

The manned electric tricycle should effectively avoid the long sun exposure and rain so as to prevent the damage of the components in the controller, the failure of operation and the accident. The electrical control part is complex, and users should not disassemble and repair it without authorization. If the local charging voltage is unstable, it is easy to fuse the fuse of the charger, so it is recommended to use AC voltage stabilizer.

A manned electric tricycle should not be overloaded in the course of cycling. To a certain extent, it should not be placed over heavy goods and people, so that the battery and motor can be avoided to a certain extent.


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