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Use and benefits of electric bicycle E-bus waterproof cables
Jan 14, 2019

The electric bicycle E-bus waterproof cable is a motor lead wire for modern green vehicles such as electric bicycles. One of its characteristics is that the insulation is a high temperature resistant F46 material, allowing long-term use in an environment of -60 to 200 °C. Another feature is that the product has wear-resistant, waterproof and anti-aging properties.


The advantage of using the electric bicycle E-bus waterproof cable is that it can reduce the failure rate of the vehicle, reduce the intensity of production and maintenance, and is also the development trend of electric bicycles in the future. The waterproof way of cables is generally divided into longitudinal water blocking and radial radial water. Water blocking yarns, water blocking powders and water blocking tapes are commonly used for longitudinal water blocking. Their water blocking mechanism is to contain a water swellable material in these materials, when the water is from the cable end or from the sheath. After the defect enters, the material will rapidly expand with water to prevent further diffusion of water along the longitudinal direction of the cable, thus achieving the purpose of longitudinal waterproofing of the cable.


E-bus waterproof cables for electric bicycles have different models. When selecting, they should be selected according to their specific use, laying conditions and safety. According to the different laying conditions, general plastic insulated cable, steel tape armored cable, steel wire armored cable, anti-corrosion cable, etc. can be selected; according to safety requirements, flame-retardant cable, halogen-free flame-retardant cable, fire-resistant cable, etc. can be selected.

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