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Types of electric bicycle chargers
May 16, 2018

The electric vehicle charger is a charging device specially configured for the battery of the electric bicycle! Classification of Chargers: Divided by transformers with and without power frequency (50 Hz), they can be divided into two categories. Freight three-wheel chargers generally use chargers with power frequency transformers, which are bulky, heavy, and costly, but they are reliable and inexpensive. Electric bicycles and electric motors use so-called switching power supply chargers to save power and efficiency, but Easily damaged.

The correct operation of the switching power supply charger is: when charging, first insert the battery, and then add the utility power; after sufficient, cut off the commercial power, and then pull out the battery plug. If you remove the battery plug first when charging, especially when the charging current is large (red light), it is very easy to damage the charger.

The commonly used switching power supply type charger is divided into two categories: half-bridge type and single-excitation type, and the single-excitation type is divided into forward type and flyback type. The half-bridge type has high cost and good performance, and is often used in chargers with negative pulses. The single-excitation type has low cost and high market share.

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