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Two-wheeled electric patrol motorcycle inspection work
Jun 26, 2018

1. The important part in the two-wheeled electric patrol motorcycle

2. Some of the important parts of the two-wheeled electric patrol motorcycle are the travel device, the wheel and the motor speed control device.


Travel device: It mainly drives the driving torque of the motor into the force acting on the ground to drive the wheel. Its composition, there are three parts of the wheel, tire and suspension.


In the two-wheeled electric patrol motorcycle, it is divided into two front and rear wheels, the front wheel is the guide wheel, and the rear wheel is the driving wheel. In the composition of the wheel, there are tires, rims, spokes, hubs, brake rims, bearings, and front and rear axles. These rims are generally rolled and welded from steel plates, and the hubs are die-cast from aluminum alloy. . In addition, a worm gear with a speedometer is mounted on the front wheel and a drive mechanism is mounted on the rear wheel.

Motor speed control device: mainly used to achieve the speed and direction of motorcycle conversion, through the motor voltage or current control, to complete the motor drive torque and rotation direction control.


2. Two-wheel electric patrol motorcycle inspection and component inspection

The first step is to check the appearance of the vehicle. Whether the parts on the vehicle are in good condition and whether they can be used normally, there are no missing parts. In addition, whether the paint layer or plating on the component is shiny and bright, whether scratched or peeled off. Then, it is to see whether the vehicle has product certification, product manuals and other documents and information. After that, it is the starting inspection of the vehicle. The cold start is not more than three times, and the hot car should be successfully started once.


Two-wheeled electric patrol motorcycle parts inspection, mainly for the vehicle's important parts and important parts, such as front and rear wheels, clutches, shock absorbers and transmission parts, check whether these parts are operating properly, with or without defects. If there is no problem with the component inspection, the vehicle can be put into use.

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