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Two-wheel patrol electric motorcycle configuration
Jul 11, 2018

Depending on the user's requirements, we can provide two-wheel patrol electric motorcycles with different power configurations, such as security patrols, campus patrols, police patrols, and property patrols. The electric locomotive of the second round patrol electric motorcycle is powerful, especially adopting the 48V intelligent control system, and has the functions of stepless speed regulation, brake power off, under voltage protection and over current protection.


The two-wheel patrol electric motorcycle is stable and efficient, and adopts high-power motor. The power is durable and strong, meeting various requirements. Normally, the car's charging time should be controlled for 5 to 8 hours, and the car body is made of steel frame + high quality plastic casing. The frame belongs to the professional frame of the mini car and the high-strength steel structure.


In addition, in the two-wheel patrol electric motorcycle, the whole vehicle adopts a large pedal and front and rear suspension design, so it is more comfortable in riding. With a reinforced large shelf, the structure is tough, solid and stable. At the same time, in the second round of patrol electric motorcycles, they are equipped with a manual exterior exterior mirror.

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