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Two wheel electric scooter motor type and price factor
Mar 22, 2018

1.What are the factors that affect the price of 2-wheel electric scooters?

The relevant factors of the price of the 2-wheel electric scooters are related to the product quality, use environment and requirements, product after-sales service and manufacturers. As for the comparison between electric skateboards and electric skateboards, there is a big difference, because the two-wheel electric scooters are equipped with armrests and can be stored in folds. The electric skateboards are four-wheeled but without armrests.


2.Which motor is used in the 2-wheel electric scooter?

  The motor in the 2-wheel electric scooters is a gear-reducing motor. The batteries in the electric scooters are related to the use performance and use effects of the vehicle, so it is a very important component.


3. What are the specific types of electric scooters?

Electric scooters are generally unicycle and two-wheeled. The difference between these two specific categories is the number of tires, motor power and control circuits. Therefore, different electric scooters are different in motor power and control circuit.


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