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Traffic safety knowledge of electric scooters (B)
May 03, 2018

7. When facing a scooter, it is best not to turn on the distant light, because the remote lighting will make the driver look down on the scooters and people in front of them, so it is easy to cause traffic accidents. When we drive, we can turn on the headlights, which can not only see the road ahead, but also reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. It is good for others, and it is convenient for yourself.


8. When driving in rainy days, we should wear yellow rain cape, because the yellow is bright color, the driver will find us at a long distance. It will make the reaction early, slow down the speed in time, and can avoid the traffic accident to the maximum extent.


9. We have to take a helmet when we are driving. In case of accident, the helmet can protect our head from damage. The head is a very important part of our body. After the head is damaged, it has a great impact on our study and life. Sometimes it even endangers life.


10. When we are riding an electric scooter, we do not drink as much as possible, because the wine can paralyze our brain nerve, let our response lose sensitive, when driving, the situation can not make a correct judgment.


11. When riding an electric scooter, it can't overload. The average electric scooter can bear the weight of about 150 kilograms. If overloaded, it will damage the tires, and it is easy to have traffic accidents.

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