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The structure and advantages of the electric scooter throttle with switch
May 23, 2018

In the process of operating the electric scooter, there will be a linear Hall with magnetic lines of magnetic force in the process of operation. In the process of operation, the three lines will be effectively connected to the three legs of Hall respectively. Under normal circumstances, Effectively divided into red, black and green colors, respectively, positive, negative, signal.

There will be a magnet in the electric vehicle turning handle. During the operation, the turning magnet of the turning handle will also effectively follow the rotation. During the running process, Hall senses the magnetic signal and sends a signal to the controller. Control motor speed. If the turn-off line disconnects the positive pole and the signal line, it will be equal to the maximum speed of the motor, and it will stop if it is turned off.

Structure of electric vehicle turning handle

The internal structure of the electric scooter turning handle is effective in the process of manufacturing. According to the magnetic steel, it can be effectively divided into two types, one magnetic steel type and split magnetic steel type. Magnetic steel linear earpiece return spring and plastic parts.

Electric car turning to a certain extent as its assembly industry personnel and repair the internal structure as long as you know it, do not get to the bottom line, the transfer of the lead line is a linear Hall device lead line, there are three respectively: +5V power line ( Red) The color of the negative (black or yellow) signal line (green) is summarized according to the common type, and the specific analysis is made.

Connection of electric scooter 's turning handle

The connection of the electric vehicle to the handlebar can be divided into the purpose type and the blind connection to a certain extent.

The purpose type of the electric scooter is: In the process of operation, it is necessary to detect the polarity of the lead wire of the controller, the +5V wire is connected to the red wire of the turn, the negative wire is connected to turn the black wire, and the rest is A line can be connected. Blind connection of the electric vehicle: First find out the positive line and signal line of the switch and any connection of the controller lead wire, until the motor rotates, then connect the negative pole of the switch, the motor stops, if you do not stop, replace the positive wire. And the signal line can be, turn the handle to debug.

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