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The importance of the Led headlight for bicycles
Jan 08, 2019

The headlights of bicycles are one of the components of bicycles, which play a very important role in driving safety. Most of the headlights of bicycles are installed in the handlebars. When purchasing, consumers must pay attention to whether they can be matched with the handle of the car, whether it is convenient to install, and whether the horizontal angle is adjustable. If the handlebars have no space, you can also use the adapter light frame to mount on the front fork reinforcement plate.


At present, the headlights of bicycles on the market are usually equipped with batteries of No. 5 and No. 7 or lithium batteries. In comparison, batteries No. 5 and No. 7 are more common, but three to four batteries are used at a time, so the volume will be larger; the lamps using lithium batteries are smaller, but the price is higher. Use the 5th or 7th battery to pay attention to the battery quality. If you do not need to remove the battery for a long time, please avoid the battery liquid leaking out and damaging the lamp.


As for the functional selection of the bicycle headlights, it is recommended to select the lamps with full-bright, semi-bright and flashing modes to switch according to the actual road conditions, such as riding in a brightly lit city street, and the flashing mode is more than the constant-lighting car. The lights are striking. Most car light products are rainproof. If you are unfortunate enough to enter the water, you should turn off the power, turn on the wipe, and dry it.

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