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The electric scooter fully meets the short trip
May 28, 2018

Electric scooters, you will find that scooters still have many advantages. At least, the scooter starts very fast and basically does not require much research. You need to take time to learn and experience. You can start slowly. Besides, no strength can be said to be another advantage of electric scooters. The electric scooter is more compact and delicate. Without heavy battery pack, the light also led to their strength in the 25 km intelligent weight of 75 kg who measured the highest speed of 24 km per hour. This speed has been fully satisfied with short trips, but because of the light electric skateboard, it will have a certain degree of vibration to travel down and to drive the maximum speed of their motorcycles a little. In tyre and brake block, we can not find that electric scooter can not be better brake performance of disc brake. Why not use a rear wheel brake? In fact, the reason is very simple, that is, in order to better ensure the safety of drivers. Zhijiajun believes that everyone knows who uses an electric scooter because of its smaller and lighter tires, rear wheel disc brakes, brake, stop rotation, and wheels that cause wheels to rotate. It is not necessary to advance the wheel brake, brake and stop the direct result of the driver being thrown out directly.

Another interesting thing is that this car has two other functions in the back mud. One is the brake disc of the rear wheel brake. In the course of driving, a foot pedal is used for the slow fender, the scooter can be stopped slowly, the braking distance and the application are applied. The second function is to keep the joystick and fold it.

In the process of use, general parking basically depends on braking, fender car skidding. When you start your business, you need to use the brakes, the brakes on the front wheels, slow and fast, shaking all over. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that users not at high speed, then brake front. Trumpets, headlights, brakes and throttle centrally layout control mobile convenience, and suitable for the most symmetrical heart. Of course, chip operation brings another feeling compared to the handle brake and accelerator.

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