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The driving force of the balance of the scooter is the drive
May 25, 2018

In today's rapid development of society and increasing traffic congestion, a fashionable electric scooter allows you to enjoy a relaxed and happy shuttle bus to downtown area. Contrary to electric scooters, bicycles and electric scooters are a fashion trend. The rise of electric unicycle is to trigger a new revolution in transportation. Electric scooters are suitable for short distance or weekend leisure sports. 1000W motor, gyro sensor controls balance within programming speed limit of 25 km / h, while speeding up ensuring safety. Users placed on the feet of both sides of the wheel folding pedal, gently forward and backward Road, backward tilt slow down, turn left and right tilt. Forward tilt angle (within 15 degrees of safety), fast speed, internal series of exercises to ensure that it is a good balance. The electric scooter is a new generation of energy saving, environmental protection and portable tools for transportation. The total charge is about 1 hours, and the battery life is about 25 kilometers. Short distance travel can replace buses and subways. The electric scooter, with the size of the body, is easy to carry, about 10 kilos. You can put it in the trunk of the car and put it in a bus or a subway or even an office. Environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. The electric scooter, in a new environment friendly transport, means to make great efforts to reduce the consumption of non renewable resources and air pollution.


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