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The difference between the electric scooter and the self-balancing scooter
May 30, 2018

Electric scooter is based on the traditional scooter design idea, the human scooter based on the upgrade, the slide board to add batteries, scooter lights, dashboards, computer chips and other components, as well as wheels, brakes, frames, such as system upgrading, and deduce electric bicycles such products, electric scooters. It usually appears in the daily life of travel, especially by the office workers.

Nowadays, the price of electric bicycles ranges from one thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and is very popular among young people in developed countries and cities in Europe and the United States.

Self-balancing scooters, also known as balanced electric vehicles, have body feeling, thinking, and so on, have a single and double two types. They appear in the last few years, a new vehicle, battery and motor drive, computer chips and sensors to help management, can be used in real-time monitoring of the vehicle's gyroscope and acceleration sensors. Reading the changes in the body posture and making adjustments to achieve "dynamic stability", it is a new green product of modern traffic, leisure and entertainment, in addition to the daily walk, in some exhibitions also often play the role of walking. The current price ranges from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan.


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