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The advantages and maintenance of the Sit down electric scooter
Feb 06, 2018

Sit down electric scooter is a new type of scooter after the traditional scooter, which has energy saving, fast charging, and longer range capacity comparatively. The shape of the vehicle itself is very nice, and it is easy to operate, making it safer when driving. It's definitely a good choice for those who lead a simple and easy life, which also makes much fun.


Sit down electric scooter is very fashionable and cute in appearance, can be folded. There will be no problem if you take it directly on the bus. Due to its portable advantage, it’s very convenient for you to go around home or go out for fun.  

 electric scooter with seat     .jpg

The characteristic of the sit down electric scooter is that the slide plate has the resistance to crack and its deformation resistance. At the same time, it will be resistant to high and cold, and it is very wear-resistant.

It is not easy to break after strengthening the bracket and its base.


For its maintenance, please keep it maintain full charge. The length of the charging time depends on the range It should be controlled in 4 to 8 hours, so do not charge for long time. After the battery is placed for a long time, it needs to be charged full and then re-charged once a month.

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