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The adult folding electric scooters has not been charged for a long time
Jan 30, 2019

First of all, you must use the charger that is configured when you buy an electric car. This is very important. Because each electric car has different configurations, different types of chargers will be designed for different configurations of electric car dealers. This also determines that the chargers can not be mixed with each other. If you use different brands of electric car chargers, it is very likely that the current output by the charger is not suitable for the current limit of the battery, which will cause damage to the battery. Long-time charging without the original charger configured by the merchant will greatly shorten the battery life of the electric vehicle, and after the battery life is shortened, the electric vehicle will ride.

It is necessary to pay attention to not letting the electric vehicle over-discharge in daily life. Many people always think that the charging effect will be better after the electric vehicle is completely used. However, this is not the case. If the battery is over-discharged for a long time, the electrode plate inside the battery will be loosened, causing serious power loss of the battery. The battery life will be greatly shortened for a long time, which is not conducive to the daily maintenance of electric vehicles!

Pay attention to the charging time of electric vehicles. This is the most easily overlooked in daily life. It is often after connecting home to connect the power supply to the electric vehicle. It will not be in control until the next time you want to go out and ride. Unplug the electric vehicle. This practice is really wrong. The power supply is connected to the electric vehicle for a long time. The time will exceed the specified charging time, causing the electric vehicle to overcharge. Excessive current input will damage the active material in the battery board. In serious cases, It may cause hardening and shedding.

And this part is precisely the most important part of the battery. If this part is damaged, the battery can store a large amount of power, and the distance that can support the electric vehicle will be greatly shortened, and the electric vehicle will be charged once. After that, you can't travel much distance!

Finally, pay attention to the charging principle of electric vehicles. Usually, when the electric car is first bought, many people think that it is best to use all of its electricity and then charge it, but in fact it is a mistake. Common sense, because when the electric car is in the warehouse, it has been put on hold by the merchant for a long time, and the battery consumes more electricity. If it is not charged in time after being bought, the battery can be stored in a reduced capacity, so When you charge it for the first time, the time can be longer. Moreover, another point that needs attention in daily life is that it is often charged, in other words, it is charged periodically. Even if the electric vehicle does not exercise for a long time, it must be charged as long as it reaches a certain time. The purpose is to avoid hardening of lead compounds inside the battery!

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