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Technical development of electric bicycle with pedal
Dec 19, 2018

The electric bicycle is easy to operate, does not bring noise pollution, and has no exhaust gas influence. It also uses less electricity for daily use, is very economical, and saves energy. It is a kind of civil transportation that the country strongly advocates for development. The advent of electric bicycle with pedal caters to the needs of some consumers.


Moreover, in crowded cities, electric bicycles have smaller pedals, which occupy less roads and have smaller parking spaces. At the same time, with the improvement of the level of science and technology, the technical parameters and performance of electric vehicles have also been continuously improved. The so-called electric bicycle with pedal refers to an electric bicycle with a pedal, and its main advantage is that after the battery is exhausted, it can still ride like a normal bicycle.


The controller, the battery and the motor together form the power and control part of the electric bicycle with pedal, wherein the controller ensures efficient operation of the battery and the motor. Driven by market demand, along with the development of batteries and motors, the development of controllers has also experienced a development process from low voltage, low power, single function to high voltage, high power and multifunction.

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