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Structural improvement of electric bike throttle with switch
Dec 28, 2018

The improved electric bicycle throttle switch has the characteristics of simple structure and simple installation, and has the function of split speed regulation, which is more reliable, safe and convenient to use. The main feature of the electric bicycle throttle with switch is that it has a switch seat that can be connected with the handle, and the switch seat is provided with three or four split-normal open manual switches, which are respectively arranged on the switch seat and the index finger is held by the hand when the handlebar is held by the hand. , middle finger, ring finger or little finger corresponding pressing part.


The circuit connection of the electric bicycle throttle with switch is band type, that is, the static contact of the manual switch is connected with one end of the governor circuit, and the movable contact of the manual switch is respectively connected to the other end of the governor circuit. The corresponding taps of the fixed resistors are connected.


In general, the electric bicycle throttle switch can be designed as a normally open button type or a normally open touch switch or a lock switch, etc., which is more convenient, the operation does not affect each other, and the appearance is beautiful. Its design is concise, especially suitable for electric motorcycles or electric bicycles.


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