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Stand up electric scooter ride requirements and weight limits
Apr 04, 2018

Stand up electric scooter should not be used on ordinary roads or roads. Before riding, it is necessary to make sure that each part is loose and the locking lever is locked. Standing scooters are not toys. Do not use them for other purposes than riding.


In order to be safe, standing scooters need to have their wrists, rubber-soled shoes and helmets pre-arranged for their use, so that they can effectively perform physical protection operations. In addition, when they are playing, do not wear sunglasses and headset. At the same time, slippery shoes and high heels are not wearable.

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When riding a Stand up electric scooter, do not ride in stunts. Do not use it at night, in the rain, on snowy roads, or in dangerous places such as sand, sand, and potholes. At the same time, do not drive on undulating roads, places where vehicles are frequent, and places where there are many pedestrians.


The maximum weight of a stand-up scooter is limited to 100 kg. Do not use it if it exceeds the weight. Since scooter is a new sport, it is also very much loved by children, and when children are playing scooter, In addition to wearing safe protective equipment, it is best to be accompanied by parents to avoid dangerous movements. The venue should also be open and flat.

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