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Speed method and Reversal technique of changing skateboards for adult folding scooters
Apr 21, 2018

In the course of obstacle skiing, it is a very important skill for the adult folding scooter to speed down and to a certain extent in China. In general, the speed of the adult folding scooter will be faster when it slips down the slope. To a certain extent, it is necessary to learn to use the feet to keep the slider on the skateboard, and to turn the lateral brake of the skateboard.


The speed method for changing the slider of the adult folding scooter

1. adult folding scooter in the process of sliding, in the process of operation is mainly to use the rear feet to control the center of gravity, and then try to make the body forward to drive the slide forward.

2. to some extent, the adult folding scooter needs two feet to exert its strength, to a certain extent, the elastic surface of the skateboard is used to glide forward with elasticity. As long as you grasp the balance well before mentioned it, you grasp the technology of obstacle slipping.

Reversal technique of adult folding scooter

The adult folding scooter is in the forward skateboard so that it can reach its proper speed to a certain extent, effectively open its two feet across the two ends of the skateboard as far as possible. In the operation, the center of gravity is effectively placed on the front foot, that is, the left foot, so that the tail is up, and clockwise a bar of 0 degrees (backward or outward). If the action is correct, the skateboard is turned back after completion, and the right foot becomes the supporting foot.


The slide of the adult folding scooter can effectively strike a balance through its slight push in the process of sliding. It can swing back and forth or circle. Try to keep the skateboard as good as possible. When you are ready, swing your arms against clockwise. At the same time keeping balance, you can make the last push to the left.


If the center of gravity of the adult folding skateboard falls on the right foot, it will swing the arm to the right in the process of operation, to a certain extent, it can drive the whole body to rotate. In the course of rotation, the rear wheel is the axis, so that the rear wheel can be kept level as far as possible. Do not lift the front end of the board too high. In fact, there is no need to pay attention to the front of the skateboard. Just put the center of gravity on the tail of the board and increase the rotation. The front end will naturally lift and the height is just right.

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