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Specification operation and electrical properties of two persons Electric Mobility Tricycle (Part2)
Mar 24, 2018

The installation of the two persons Electric Mobility Tricycle should ensure its good heat dissipation as far as possible. If it is overheated when it is running, it should be stopped charging, and the charger and electric tricycle battery should be checked. The charging time of electric tricycle should be shortened when the battery discharge depth is shallow or the environment temperature is high.

The electrical performance of two persons Electric Mobility Tricycle battery and cycle life is extremely unfavorable. On the whole, the consumers in the purchase of the time not only see the price and mileage and other factors to determine whether a car is good or bad, but also line material, contact components.

There should have short circuit generation in the two persons Electric Mobility Tricycle should be particularly careful in the installation or use. The tool should be taken insulation measures.Make sure electrical appliances are well connected exclude the battery once connection available. After inspection without short-circuit, it can be finally connected to the battery electric tricycle. Wiring specification should be well insulated to prevent overlap arising from the breakdown pressure. only in this way can make the Electric Mobility Tricycle safer, longer use.


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