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Some safety knowledge about the electric scooter A
Jun 24, 2018

The advantages of using an electric scooter

Scootering originated in the early 60s of last century in the United States, and evolved from surfing at sea. Compared to the regional and climate constrained surfing, the scooter movement obviously has a greater degree of freedom. It is not confined to the fixed form. The scooter requires the scooterers to play their imagination freely and create inspiration in the process of movement. Riding on the electric scooter, spinning or beating on the square, park, and road, the electric scooter becomes a fashionable leisure sport with entertainment and fitness nowadays.

Playing the electric scooter can enhance the heart and lung function, strengthen the back muscle and arm force, stretch the leg ligament, promote the development of the bone, improve the balance response and the sensitivity and coordination.


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