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Selection of Design Parameters of Electric Tricycle and Introduction of Front Fork Design Structure
Apr 11, 2018

When designing an electric tricycle mobility scooter, the first step is to determine the appropriate parameters based on the specific application requirements. These parameters include the dimensions, rated power, rated voltage, battery capacity, maximum travel, maximum speed, turning radius, gradeability, vehicle weight, and total weight of the electric tricycle.


At the same time, when designing its outer shape, it can refer to the specific conditions of the current market and improve it in accordance with the needs of the consumers. For example, when designing the appearance of an electric tricycle mobility scooter, its body can follow the appearance of the more popular three-wheeled motorcycle. The overall coordination is in line with the aesthetic of most people. In this way, we can also obtain better development prospects. In this process, special attention should be paid to determining suitable parameters, including: front and rear wheelbase, rear axle width, vehicle length, vehicle width, and vehicle height.


At the same time, when designing the electric tricycle, it is also necessary to consider the requirements for loading and unloading. Generally, in order to facilitate loading and unloading of goods, the body of the vehicle can be designed as a three-door type, which is convenient during use. At the same time, the design of the front fork of the car is also very important.


Everybody should know that the fork components are generally located in the front position of the electric tricycle structure, and the upper end of the fork component is connected with the handlebar component, the frame component cooperates with the front pipe, and the lower end cooperates with the front axle component to form a bicycle. Guidance system. In the process of driving, we can change the direction of the front wheel by turning the handlebars and the front fork to play a guiding role.


And in this part also plays the role of controlling the electric tricycle running. It should be noted that in designing this part of the society, we must ensure sufficient strength. The steering system of electric tricycles is mainly composed of handlebars, front forks, front axles, and front wheels. The rider can change the direction of travel and maintain the body balance by manipulating the handlebars.

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