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Resistance method, visual inspection method and voltage method of electric bicycle charger
May 30, 2018

Electric bicycle charger 's Resistance method, visual inspection method and voltage method During the operation of the electric bicycle charger, its pulse will have a temperature compensation function. When it is used, it will effectively collect its external and internal temperature through its thermal electrons, and adjust the charging voltage intelligently during operation. It does not make up for the winter, but it does not overcharge in the summer and it effectively solves thermal runaway. Pulse charging parameters are dynamic and change; ordinary chargers are static and fixed. Therefore, ordinary chargers will inevitably have summer overcharge and winter undercharge problems.

Visual inspection of electric bicycle charger

The capacitance of the electric bicycle charger is more obvious in the process of operation. The capacitor contains a certain amount of solution. Under the excessive working environment, the capacitance of the battery charger will bleed spontaneously to release the stress that the body and mind cannot tolerate. Poor capacitance will self-explode to the corpse can not find, known as no trace of small firecrackers, leaving only some small pieces of shredded paper. Resistance: After heating and overload, it will change color or smoke, of course, the resistance will self-explode, blow or part of their own fly away.

Electric bike charger resistance method

When the electric bicycle charger is used, it is necessary to use a digital finished meter to measure the circuit of the suspected part to a certain extent. In the operation, we generally use the secondary pipe to measure, to a certain extent, Short circuit two pens, the multimeter will call the file, before measuring the resistance we will do some necessary discharge behavior, in the case of confirmation that there is no power plug, we use tweezers to short-circuit some capacitors, the capacitor will emit sparks when it is discharged Do not be afraid of the sound, then carry out our measure of resistance at the road.

Electric bicycle charger voltage method

The electric bicycle charger learns to measure the voltage to a certain extent is one of the basic technical skills of maintenance. When it is operated, it is charged with more dangerous behavior when measuring on the road. In the operation, we still need to do so. Such behavior It is not only our own safety issues, but also the possibility of accidental damage to the charger due to the operation. If the charger measurement is broken, we should not be frustrated and sad. The best technicians will make mistakes. Masters cannot avoid it. We only need to remember that the measurement of voltage has a clear purpose, do not blindly charge around everywhere, this is taboo.

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