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Power and control of electric mobility scooter for adults
Nov 08, 2018

Adult electric scooters We can see the position of the pedals. Under normal circumstances, the position of the battery is placed by the electric scooter. In general, the cruising range and battery capacity are exactly the same. A small partner who wants to last a long time can choose a scooter with a large battery capacity, and can run for a few days while charging. But a bigger battery will bring a heavier weight, so we must weigh it here.


The power and control of the motor of an adult electric scooter is very important


The first is the power of the motor. Many small partners will think that the power of the motor is as large as possible. This is not the case. The motor is closely related to the wheel diameter and speed. Each motor has an optimal matching power range. It is wasteful when it exceeds the high power. If it is small, it will not run. The matching of motor power and body design is the most important.

In addition, the motor control method has square wave and sine wave control. Here we first recommend sine wave control, which has smaller sound, linear acceleration and better control.


The smaller the wheel, the more bumpy it is. If it is a small wheel, a little bumpy road can shake your feet. And the small wheels are not designed shock absorbers, how to do this shock absorption, the effect is but it is generally not as good as the whole huge tires.


The design of the degree of friction of the tire, the friction of the driving wheel is large, and the friction of the driven wheel can increase the endurance. Attentive partners can compare the tire skins of the front and rear tires at the time of purchase, and see if this design principle is followed.


The folding method of the electric skateboard is generally divided into two types: 1. The handlebar column is folded. 2. The front of the pedal is folded.

The column folding mode is folded on the steering column on the front wheel, and the pedal structure is more stable. The front folding of the pedal is a bit like the design of a children's skateboard. The front wheel and the steering column are integrated.

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