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Moped scooters for young people motor assembly and wiring
Sep 20, 2018

Before assembling the brush motor on the young motorcycle scooter, pay attention to check the elasticity of the spring inside the brush holder. Check if the carbon brush and the brush holder will rub. Check if the carbon brush is inside the brush holder. The maximum stroke will be reached; then it is necessary to pay attention to the correct positioning of the carbon brush and its own phase changer.


When installing a motor on a motorcycle scooter for young people, the first thing to do is to clean up the impurities on the surface of the motor components to avoid the phenomenon that affects the normal operation of the motor. After that, the hub body must be fixed and strong to avoid installation. At the time, due to the strong attraction of the magnetic steel, the components collide and damage each other.


Since the reversing mode of the Moped scooters for young people is different, the brush motor and the brushless motor not only have different internal structures, but also have a very large difference in wiring. Brushed motors generally have two positive and negative leads. Generally, the red line refers to the positive pole of the motor, and the black line refers to the negative pole of the motor.


The judgment of the phase angle of the brushless motor of the motorcycle scooter of a young man, the coils of the brushless motor are in an energization period, and the current direction of the coil changes. Young people's motorcycle scooters themselves use brushless motors with common phase algebra angles of 120° and 60°.

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