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Matters needing attention when riding a pedal-assisted electric scooter
Mar 28, 2018

The advantage of pedal-assisted electric scooter is that even if the battery runs out, it can still ride like human power, like ordinary bicycles. There will be a lot of matters needing attention in the process of riding.

1. To a certain extent, customer needs to develop the habit of charging the battery after using, so that the battery can always keep the state of full.

2. The pedal-assisted electric scooter’s charging time is according to its journey. In a certain way, it will be effectively controlled in 4-12 hours. Long time charging is prohibited.

3. If it is placed for a long time. It needs to be plentiful and replenished once a month.

4. The pedal-assisted electric vehicles are powered by pedals when they start and go upslope and face the wind.

5. When charging, use matching charger, place in a cool and ventilated place, avoid high temperature and humidity, do not let water enter charger, prevent electric shock accident.


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