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Maintenance and precautions for 3 Wheel Folding Electric Scooter with Seat
Aug 27, 2018

The most important point of the three-wheeled folding scooter is to look at the size of the battery of the vehicle. Whether it is genuine licensed or not, whether it is new or old, because the battery is the core of the entire electric tricycle, his good Bad, directly determines the service life and driving feeling of the vehicle.


Is it convenient to maintain the three-wheeled folding scooter? It is better to have the corresponding after-sales service guarantee when purchasing electric vehicles. Is it convenient to buy and maintain in every area? In this regard, in fact, there are already special electric vehicle maintenance points, which can be very convenient for maintenance.


The three-wheeled folding scooter is very important when it is used. It is the quality of the whole car. If the sheet metal of the whole vehicle is too light, if it carries a certain weight of articles, it will inevitably be overloaded and cause damage to the body. damage.

Some precautions for the use of three-wheel folding scooters in winter

1. In winter, due to the rainy and snowy weather, try to park it indoors to avoid the erosion of rain and snow, and the whole skeleton will be traumatized.

2. If it is not used frequently in winter, it is recommended to remove the battery and put it indoors at room temperature.

3. After using the electric tricycle on a daily basis, it will become very dirty. After putting it indoors in winter, it is better to clean it first.

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