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Installation and maintenance of 500w electric moped scooter for adults
Dec 06, 2018

500w electric scooter scooter adult battery installation first step, pay attention to the battery should choose a brand with quality assurance of high-quality batteries, the general brand manufacturers will be tested before leaving the factory, refurbished batteries must not be used; should be noted before installation To check whether the battery is damaged or leaking, and clean the surface of the battery with a dry cloth. If it is found that the battery case is broken and leaking, you should pay attention to immediately replace the battery to avoid acid corrosion.


When the battery of the 500w electric bicycle scooter is installed, it should be noted that the battery should be installed in an upright position, and should not be inverted. At the same time, it should be shockproof, pressure-proof, and securely installed. Rub, can't enter the water.


In order to ensure the safe use of the 500w electric bicycle scooter for adults, the battery box for installing the battery must have a ventilated vent hole, and must not be blocked to prevent the gas generated by the battery from accumulating in the battery box; the connection line for installing the battery must be fastened. The line can not press the battery, the battery is not loose after installation, and the mismatched battery box cannot be used.


500w electric bicycle scooter When the battery is in the maintenance of the adult, you must also pay attention to the battery is most afraid of loss of power, often maintain sufficient power to extend the battery life; when charging, the indicator light of the charger is red light first Green light, after the light turns green, it should be guaranteed to float for 2 hours, which is good for suppressing battery vulcanization.

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