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How to maintain the lithium battery of EEC Lithium battery Electric Scooter
Dec 08, 2018

We often think of charging the battery after the EEC lithium battery electric scooter battery is completely exhausted; or remember to charge when it is used, the battery is not fully charged and ride out; or one or two months or even longer Using an electric car, you can't think of charging the battery at all, these are the unfavorable uses to shorten the battery life.


To charge the EEC lithium battery electric scooter battery, if you want to keep its life span within the normal range or extend its use time, you must master the correct scientific charging method. To ensure that you can't always discharge deeply, that is, don't wait until you find that the power on the instrument panel is insufficient, or even when it is completely exhausted, you want to charge.


When charging the EEC lithium battery electric scooter battery, try to charge it as soon as possible after use, and try to ensure that the battery is used in a sufficient state, so that the battery is better. The new battery does not take a long time on the first charge. Now EEC lithium battery electric scooter charging almost has the function of jumping lights, indicating that after the electric full indicator light is on, it will automatically stop charging. However, in order to be on the safe side, it is necessary to unplug the power supply in time after changing the lamp for 1-2 hours to prevent overcharging.


It should also be noted that if you do not use the EEC lithium battery electric scooter for a long time, be sure to fill the battery and let it store at full capacity. Because the battery is fully charged, it will automatically discharge when placed there. When you use it again, be sure to check the battery condition. If some of the power is already consumed, refill it.


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